Thor: Ragnarok trailer

This trailer transported me back to the 80's, in a good way.


Preston Comic Con

On 23rd September it was Preston Comic Con 2017. The annual event began in 2014 and has got bigger and better every year since with attendees returning and having a great day. This was my first time attending alongside 4,000 plus other people. I've never visited Preston, let alone the Guild Hall  It's a decent … Continue reading Preston Comic Con


MCM Manchester Comic closed its doors to a successful weekend of pop culture, superhero fandom and 36,567 sci-fi fans, gamers, comic collectors, movie buffs and anime enthusiasts attending the two-day extravaganza.   Featuring everything from comics, movies, games and sci-fi to cosplay, anime, steampunk and online video, the show returned to Manchester Central on 29-30 … Continue reading MCM COMIC CON MANCHESTER!

Wonder Woman. Well it did make me wonder.

Throughout this film the beauty of Gal Gadot shines through, it shines brightest through the massive holes in the plot. There will be spoilers ahead. Turn back now if you've not seen the film. If you have seen it continue on brave traveller and see if you agree with me. By the rave reviews it's … Continue reading Wonder Woman. Well it did make me wonder.

Black Panther Teaser, does it?

So the teaser trailer for the latest in the long line of character, shall we just admit they're all Avengers Spin offs now?movies from the MCU. Now admittedly, I don't recall ever reading a Black Panther comic, I only know of him through appearances in other comics, Marvel anthologies/encyclopedias etc. So, this "teaser" trailer … Continue reading Black Panther Teaser, does it?

When I was Eight.

This aired Live on British Television last night 8 year old Issy Simpson wowed both the audience, the judges and most importantly in a competition, the viewing public to win her semi final. She showed the stage presence and nerve of someone much older. So, of course, the gutter press such as the Daily Mail … Continue reading When I was Eight.

Alien 5

I think you could say I'm a fan of Neill Blomkamp I thought District 9 was exactly what a good sci-fi film should be, part alien shooty thing, part social commentary. You can take bits from either depending on how you feel. Then Elysium did the same kind of thing and Chappie made you question … Continue reading Alien 5